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LinkedIn Bio: Craft a winning bio with ChatGPT as Your Copywriter

Guides 7 min read , April 27, 2023

Your LinkedIn bio is a critical part of your professional image, and it’s essential to get it right.

With a well-written LinkedIn Bio, you can build your brand, grow your network, attract customers, and, above all, get sales!

But writing an engaging bio is difficult because you don’t what to include and don’t want to spend hours writing and rewriting.

I struggled with exactly the same problem, so I got help from ChatGPT.

In this article, I’ll show you my step-by-step process for writing a standout LinkedIn bio using ChatGPT.

With its powerful natural language processing capabilities, ChatGPT can act as a copywriter and guide you through crafting your LinkedIn bio.

But first - let’s talk about what you should include in your LinkedIn bio as a founder, CEO, or entrepreneur.

What your LinkedIn bio must include

As a founder or CEO, your LinkedIn profile exists to help you build connections and grow your business. So, your profile should be (mostly) focused on your customers, not yourself.

This means calling out the customer’s problem and explaining how you (and your business) can solve it.

On the other hand, you don’t want your LinkedIn read like a sales page. It should still show your personality and make people want to connect with you.

Before writing my LinkedIn bio, I downloaded an ebook: 15 Steps to Writing a Killer LinkedIn Profile. Based on what I learned from the ebook, I recommend structuring your LinkedIn bio something like this:

  • Call out your target customer and identify a problem they’re having
  • Explain that you have the solution
  • Talk about who you are and why you are qualified to solve the problem.
  • Reinforce your expertise with relevant experience
  • Emphasize the solution and what your reader can achieve
  • Finish with a call to action

Now you know what to include, let’s discuss how to create it with ChatGPT.

Step 1: Provide Context and Request

To get started, we have to give ChatGPT some context. First, ask ChatGPT to act as a copywriter who knows a lot about LinkedIn bios. Explain that you want it to help you re-write your LinkedIn bio. Then, explain that you will feed some examples for it to analyze. Tell ChatGPT NOT to respond, explain or summarize the examples you provide.

You can then give more details about what to include in the profile; the more information you provide, the better.

help me re-write linkedin bio

Step 2: Feed ChatGPT with LinkedIn Bio Examples

Next, you can start feeding ChatGPT with examples of real LinkedIn bios from people you respect and well-written and formatted profiles. ChatGPT will use this input to generate suggestions and insights to help improve your bio.

All you have to do is copy and paste the text into ChatGPT. I used Mark Colgan’s and Dina Calakovic’s LinkedIn bios to feed into ChatGPT.

Step 3: Be Specific with Your Requests

Even though you’ve told ChatGPT not to summarize, it might still do this.

If this happens, tell it to stop!

Then, remind it only to read and analyze. Say something like:

"Please read what I'm feeding you and generate suggestions based on it."

It’s important to be very specific with your instructions as this will get you more interesting and useful results.

Step 4: Find a Format to Follow

There are many resources available on how to structure a great LinkedIn bio. As mentioned, I used Dina Calakovic’s ebook on writing a LinkedIn bio to structure mine.

You will need to give ChatGPT a format to follow, so what you can do is copy and paste the outline of what you want to include in your bio. Copy and paste this from another resource as I did with Dina’s ebook, or simply outline it yourself.

You can check that ChatGPT has understood the format by asking it to summarize it back to you.

linkedin bio format

Step 5: Work on Each Section of the Format

Now, you’ll work on each section one by one feeding ChatGPT with each section and telling it what you like and don't like.

Keep providing positive and negative examples to help ChatGPT generate more relevant suggestions.

For example, start with your introduction, where you mention your customer’s pain point. Go back and forth with ChatGPT until you have something you like. It doesn’t have to be perfect, as you most likely still need to do some final edits yourself to make it your own.

Step 6: Use Marketing Copy from Your Company

Now, once you have a draft, you can feed ChatGPT examples of copy from your company’s website to hone your messaging and make it relevant and on target to your customer.

I love this tactic. Not only will it make your bio consistent with your company’s messaging. It also means you can repurpose some of the persuasive copy you’ve already got on your website.

Tell ChatGPT that you are feeding examples of copy from your website.

Step 7: Keep Tweaking Each Section

Now, after a few rounds of prompting, you should have a draft of your LinkedIn bio that follows a proven format and reflects your company’s messaging.

You can keep going back and forth with ChatGPT, honing each section of your profile by telling it what you like and don’t like about each one. If there’s a section that you don’t like, tell ChatGPT what you don’t like about it, and find an example of what you want it to look like to feed back into ChatGPT.

Step 8: Copy and Use your Draft LinkedIn Bio

At some point, you’ll want to take your draft out of ChatGPT and into a document editor. Here you’ll put the final touches to your bio and you can use a tool like Grammarly to check your grammar, spelling and tone.

This step helps you avoid AI plagiarism tools (avoid being tagged as AI generated) and will prevent your text sounding generic or like you just copy and pasted from AI. you can avoid your bio being .

You’ve done the bulk of the work with ChatGPT, but your bio will require some final editing. There might be some sentences that don’t sound right or don’t fit your personality that you might want to change.

Here are a few ways to check your LinkedIn bio:

  • Read it out loud — Your LinkedIn bio should sound like you! Read your bio out loud, and consider changing any words, phrases, or sentences you wouldn’t usually say.
  • Get someone else to read it — Ask a colleague, friend or writer to review your bio and make some final tweaks
  • Make sure it addresses your target customer — Read your text from the point of view of your customer. Make sure your value proposition is clear and engaging.
  • Review the call to action — The call the action must be clear and strong - tell your reader what to do next.
linkedin bio draft in grammarly
Edit on Grammarly

Write your LinkedIn Bio faster with ChatGPT

By following these steps, you can improve your LinkedIn bio with the help of ChatGPT.

You don’t have to be an amazing writer or spend hours writing. With ChatGPT’s help, you can reach out to your customers through a well-crafted LinkedIn bio.

Some of my top tips for using ChatGPT:

  • Be specific about what you want ChatGPT to do - and why
  • Tell ChatGPT what NOT to do (stop it from summarizing or explaining when not necessary)
  • Provide plenty of examples of content you like
  • Give feedback and ask for revisions
  • Do the final edit yourself

Good luck!


Q: What should a founder or CEO include in their LinkedIn bio?
A founder or CEO's LinkedIn bio should focus on the customer's problem and how they (and their business) can solve it. It should also showcase their personality, expertise, and relevant experience, ending with a clear call to action.

Q: How can ChatGPT help with writing a LinkedIn bio?
ChatGPT can act as a copywriter and guide users through crafting their LinkedIn bio by analyzing examples, generating suggestions, and helping to structure and refine the content based on the user's preferences.

Q: What are the steps to write a LinkedIn bio using ChatGPT?
Steps to writing a LinkedIn bio using ChatGPT include:
1) Provide context and request
2) Feed ChatGPT with examples
3) Be specific with your requests
4) Find a format to follow
5) Work on each section of the format
6) Use marketing copy from your company
7) Keep tweaking each section
8) Copy and use.

Q: How can users ensure their LinkedIn bio has the right tone and content?
Users can read the bio out loud, ask someone else to read it, ensure it addresses the target customer, and review the call to action to ensure it is clear and robust.

Q: What are some top tips for using ChatGPT effectively?
To use ChatGPT effectively:
1) Be specific about what you want ChatGPT to do and why
2) Tell ChatGPT what NOT to do
3) Provide plenty of examples of content you like
4) Give feedback and ask for revisions
5) Do the final edit yourself

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